Welcome to Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018

On this site you will find information concerning Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018, the biennial world championships of gay and inclusive rugby, which will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in June 2018.

Stay tuned to this site as information will be updated as it becomes available, but be sure to also follow us on social media using the links on this page.

Prepare for impact
Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 will be all about impact. We will show the world why we love rugby so much, while breaking barriers of homophobia in sport, promoting social inclusion and strengthening rugby in the Netherlands.

Dates & location
Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 will be held from Thursday 7 June until Sunday 10 June 2018 in and around Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The tournament venue will be Amstelveen, a suburb on the south side of Amsterdam. The opening and closing ceremonies, the pre-tournament clinics and team trainings as well as the social events surrounding the tournament will all take place in Amsterdam.

Register as a participant
It will become possible to register as a participant of Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 through this site in autumn 2017. We will of course let you know immediately once registration becomes available.

Amsterdam, the Dutch capital
Amsterdam is one of the world’s most open and progressive (dare we say: liberal) cities. We would love you to come and enjoy it with us. Amsterdam’s biggest draw is the city itself. With 165 canals and 1,500 bridges, the ‘Venice of the North’ has even more waterways than its Italian cousin. At its heart is the 17th-century canal ring lined with perfectly preserved houses throughout. Please find your official guide to the Dutch capital here.

The Netherlands
Never played rugby below sea level? Now’s your chance! They say “God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands” with good reason. Without our cherished dikes, two-thirds of the land we love simply would not exist. From swamps and seas, we have built a tiny nation with outsized influence – a leading force in water management, agricultural innovation and international trade, one of the world’s hottest start-up hubs and a champion of LGBTQI rights worldwide.

International travel
Tournament participants will have to arrange their travel to Amsterdam and their stay in Amsterdam before, during and after the tournament themselves, but where possible we will support you with these arrangements, starting from autumn 2017.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has direct flights from 319 cities around the globe. Most Bingham Cup participants will find daily direct flights to Amsterdam, and no one is more than one stop away.

For those already in Europe, high-speed trains serve Amsterdam from Paris, Brussels, and Cologne. Traditional train service connects Amsterdam with Berlin in about six hours. A high-speed direct line to London (four hours) is scheduled to open in 2018.

The Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 host hotels will offer a range of affordably-priced accommodation with 1,000 double-occupancy rooms at price levels from €33.50 to €85.00 per person per night, including breakfast. These host hotels, Hotel Casa400, Volkshotel, The Student Hotel and Stayokay Hostel, are all located near Amsterdam’s city centre. Their proximity to each other will help ensure a strong community atmosphere throughout the tournament.

Hotel Casa400, the largest of the host hotels, will be the central tournament hotel. It will also serve as the centre for participant registration, IGR’s General Meeting and the Captain’s Meeting.

In the near future, it will be possible to reserve rooms in one of our host hotels through this site, for periods before, during and after the tournament. We will of course let you know immediately once bookings become available.

Your hosts
Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 will be hosted by the ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders Rugby Club, Amsterdam Lowlanders for short, an inclusive men’s rugby team founded in 2003. We aim to organise a tournament that is professional, personal and warm. That is why the tournament will take place at our home, the Amstelveense Rugby Club (ARC).

The distance between the Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 host hotels and the tournament venue in Amstelveen is approximately 10 km. Ample morning shuttle service will ensure all participating teams arrive in time for warm-up and matches. Shuttles will continue to run regularly throughout the day, increasing in frequency as play draws to a conclusion.